Recording Studio

     A good base on how to perfect a recording starts and ends with the sound engineer and his ear on whether or not to have the artist or band retake to get a better record.  If a premade sound an artist is going to record over, like a rapper,has bad dimensions it is the sound engineer that should be prepared enough to tell the artist not to record to it.  Wneptunesphere has a process for sound dimensions denying.  

   The newest release from Wneptunesphere  is the 232 album.  A classical music composer pays special attention to an instrument.  Wneptunesphere pays special attention "sounds like".  For example when someone says, "I thought you said" (a word), then you laugh it off because it (the word) wasn't even said. The 232 Album from Chris Neville has perfect dimensional music, but a musician can listen to their own music to improve with this process.  Wneptunesphere takes this box and draws it on paper. 

    The charge of a mension comes an identified sound of Chris Neville or Neville.  Believe it or not there songs that have no extra sounds in them but they are rare.  The album 232 is the sound to listen for.  This process should be repeated everytime you're in the studio.