Record Labels

Please listen to your artists music before releasing it.  This way your label can pay for its use of Wneptunesphere,  Llc.  This will also help improve your label (reviewing).  Remember $8,999.99 +tax.

All dimentions get stored here.

Don't feel like this is bad news.  Wneptunesphere keeps your career or business operating with the knowledge of budgets and the importance of the product itself is inside you already.  We can help you find your perfect product and help you understand budgeting and spending on the perfect product after found.


Examining dimensions takes special skill. 
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Dimensions in Songs

All major label album releases

Dimensions in Video

All video alerted to as having dimensions
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Dimensions in Analytics

All data analytics with dimentions
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Dimension Invoices

These are the downloadable invoice boxes on the download page.  Some boxes are updated daily or weekly.  In these boxes are invoices.
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