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Question; "What does Wneptunesphere mean?"

Answer; "I have a networking degree from a college in Cincinnati, Ohio. College taught me that everything you put into a computer is call data input. When you do anything on a computer it's your hand's job to put that data into the computer. So if you give a computer the input it's like it expects your input, it knows you expect its' input(synonyms). For example you search input on Google and it work out puts is what you naturally think. But in reality the electrically fire or electric run box tells you to search for how many of the same things got asked to other computers. My input, believe it or not, makes the computer say other computers are responding and they are reading some real heavy heat. Then the computer speeds quicker than me to another input of search for more human heat dangers that I can tell other computers about. Then the computer inputs, after it gets greedy, for the most war heat to input search for other computers war. Not simple. That's how the title (Tidal like you know Jay-Z's company) Wneptunesphere developed my software for me, but I had to give the computer more of the input it wanted which is reminding it which every time say a social netw gets opened from my company., and in turn it gave me SOFTWARE. complicated I know! ;)."
Question; "Neville what is the bomb?"

Answer; "MR WORLDWIDE., blowing cookie like a rookie, MeRgEN haul, god of the Sea, KING LATIN, Double you Neptune fear?", Law Backingz, extended exhaust, 4grand's DJing, Tumblr Coding, Stock Tips & Stock Holding, WEBSITE BUILDER, ssl certificates, REPUBLICa, blue IVY carter, Auditing music, MY MUSIC PRODUCTION SKILLS RAPfloW, SHINS, PRESSURE POINTS, the pope, Spider Mimic energy drinks (sugar free), Medellin's Scare Tactics, "Call Your Crew by Neville, KINGNEVILLE.COM, GRAMMY mention WINZ, 25x3.14 = A competitive commerce system in a city, HIGH VIEW NUMBERS, judgement for land vechile, heat canopies, arpedims, better health, SAABz gangster ways, VILLAGES, cuba, Tesla, SoundClick, PhOtO gRaPhIC MeMories, My companies Networking Software." 
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Wneptunesphere representation Cloud fits into twelve categories.  The twelve categories are as follows (001-1Credit Drop ULF)(002-2Business Math)(003-3LosAngeles)(004-4Upper Mostly)(005-5Revelance)(006-6King Latins)(007-7Forever Her's)(008-8GDP Small Minds)(009-9Redutbe Signs)(1001-10Neville)(2002-11Networks)(3003-12Netvoiced) AT THE END OF EACH CALENDER YEAR THE REPRESENTATIONS WILL BE AVALABLE
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